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We understand that you may be grieving the loss of your loved one and experiencing feelings of overwhelm. We can never truly be prepared to deal with the range of emotions that come with such a loss.

If you need to petition the probate court to administer an estate, we recommend that you contact a probate attorney as soon as possible following the passing of your loved one. A probate attorney will guide you through the legal steps that must be taken to probate an estate.

As Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists, we work with many of the top probate attorneys in the County of Santa Clara. If you do not know a probate attorney, we are happy to recommend an attorney.

Executors and Administrators we are here to help you navigate the often unfamiliar and unchartered waters of managing the sale of probate real estate. Real property is typically the most valuable asset in an estate. When you are appointed as personal representative you become an officer of the Court and assume duties and liabilities in managing the estate. Those duties involve a high standard of care in dealing with someone else’s property. This means one must be cautious in how they manage the estate’s assets, including the sale of real property. Exercise prudent care and hire Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, Kathleen Daniels to manage the sale of probate real estate.

The probate of a decedent’s estate takes place in the County where the decedent resided. We serve all of Santa Clara County, also known as, Silicon Valley. Probate matters in Santa Clara County are handled by the Probate Division of the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

If your loved one owns real property in the State of California, County of Santa Clara, we will work with you and the probate attorney, and facilitate the probate sales process.   If the decedent owns real property in another county, state, or internationally, we will help facilitate the process of liquidating the real property by referring you to a probate real estate specialist, where needed.

Our team speaks the language of probate. We understand the rules of engagement with the Probate Court and collaborate well with Probate Attorneys. We offer full service in managing all of your needs pertaining to the sale of the estate’s real property.

Kathleen Daniels is a California Real Estate Broker certified in probate sales. She has a wealth of education and experience and is committed to providing quality service second to none in the industry. She is so confident in her ability to deliver she provides a Satisfaction Guarantee. Click here to read more about Kathleen, her Experience & Qualifications, Satisfaction Guarantee and more.

If you do not find the information you are looking for in our blog, Glossary of probate terms, or in our Probate FAQ then give us a call today at 1-408-972-1822.

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Santa Clara County Probate Sales Activity August 2016


This probate sales activity report includes probate sales in Santa Clara County. This report is comprised of statistical data from August 1st through August 31st 2016 extracted from our local Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") as of September 1, 2016. The data includes single family homes, condominiums & townhouses. Probate Sales Activity August 2016 13 Active Probate Properties for Sale 12 Pending Sales (Under Contract) 8 Sold Probate Homes Average List Price: $684,738 Continue Reading

Probate Sales Activity Report July 2016


This probate sales activity report includes probate sales in Santa Clara County.  This report is comprised of statistical data from July 1st through July 31st 2016 extracted from our local Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") as of August 1, 2016.  The data includes single family homes, condominiums & townhouses. Probate Sales Activity July 2016 16 Active Probate Properties for Sale 12 Pending Sales (Under Contract) 11 Sold Probate Homes Average List Price: $929,662 Average Continue Reading

San Jose Probate Property SOLD

Alum Rock Home Probate Sale

This single family home in Alum Rock San Jose was an off market sale. In other words, it was not listed on the Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") as a means of procuring a buyer. Out of State Administrator I was contacted by the administrator of the estate in June 2015. The administrator, who lived out of state, indicated that the house had fire damage and had been vacant for some time. The administrator wanted to know if it was the kind of probate property I would be able to help her Continue Reading

3696 Rocky Creek Ct. San Jose CA 95148 SOLD

Probate Sale in San Jose

I was contacted by the Executor of the estate and invited to perform a walk through evaluation of the property during a 2 hour window of time on a designated day.  Thereafter, if I was still interested in offering my services, I was asked to provide a written response to the Executors Request for Proposal. San Jose Probate Sale Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist Having worked in corporate America and as a consultant I am very familiar with the proposal process.  The executor asked Continue Reading

Can a Personal Representative sell Real Property owned by the Decedent?

General Probate Proceedings

An Executor or Administrator, also known as a Personal Representative, may sell Real Property: (1)    If authority to sell Real Property is given in the Will; (2)    If it must be sold in accordance with the terms of the Will; (3)    If it is necessary to pay debts, taxes, expenses to administer the estate, a family allowance, of Devises; or (4)    If it is in the best interests of the interested parties and is to the advantage of the Estate. A Will may designate the terms and conditions Continue Reading