Probate and Trust Expertise in Silicon Valley

We understand that you may be grieving the loss of a loved one and experiencing feelings of overwhelm. We can never truly be prepared to deal with the range of emotions that come with such a loss. We are here to help you navigate some of the challenges you may face managing a probate estate.

Do You Need To Probate An Estate?

Probate is a highly specialized area of law. If you need to petition the probate court to administer an estate, we recommend that you contact an experienced probate attorney as soon as possible following the passing of your loved one. A probate attorney will guide you through the legal steps that must be taken to probate an estate.

Room in Probate CourtAs a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist we work with many of the top probate attorneys in the County of Santa Clara. If you do not know a probate attorney, we are happy to recommend one.

The probate of a decedent’s estate takes place in the County where the decedent resided. We serve all of Santa Clara County, also known as, Silicon Valley. Probate matters in Santa Clara County are handled by the Probate Division of the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Selling Real Property In Probate

Probate is also a highly specialized area of real estate. Probate Broker Kathleen Daniels is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist. Her expertise is in both the probate process. Kathleen and her team understand how to best serve the needs of a personal representative when liquidating probate real estate.

Contract to List Property for Sale

Executors and Administrators we are here to help you navigate the often unfamiliar waters of managing the sale of probate real estate. Real property is typically the most valuable asset in an estate. When you are appointed as personal representative you become an officer of the Court and assume duties and liabilities in managing the estate. Those duties involve a high standard of care in dealing with someone else’s property. This means one must be cautious in how they manage the estate’s assets, including the sale of real property. Exercise prudent care in who you hire.

  • If your loved one owns real property in the State of California, County of Santa Clara, we will work with you and the probate attorney, and facilitate the probate sales process.
  • If the decedent owns real property in another county or state we will help facilitate the process of liquidating the real property by referring  a probate agent in the particular county or state.

Specialized Probate Team

Our team speaks the language of probate. We understand the rules of engagement with the Probate Court and collaborate well with Probate Attorneys. We offer full service in managing all of your needs pertaining to the sale of the estate’s real property.

Independent Real Estate Broker

Kathleen Daniels is a California Real Estate Broker certified in probate sales. She believes that every client deserves to be treated with 100% honesty and transparency. This is her core belief and business religion. She has managed a successful real estate business since January 2003. Kathleen is known to speak from her heart and act from her head. She is compassionate and strong.

Independent Broker Equals Power

Being an Independent Broker means Kathleen has no loyalty to a brokerage.  Her loyalty is to her clients. She specializes in probate real estate and manages her brokerage like a boutique, providing concierge service. Kathleen's high-touch, low-profile, and no-sell approach to business truly sets her apart from the masses of real estate agents.

Kathleen has a wealth of education and experience and is committed to providing quality service second to none in the industry. She is all about quality not quantity. She is so confident in her ability to deliver exceptional service she provides a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Consultative Approach to Probate and Trust

Kathleen is not here to sell you anything. She consults with people and determines their specific needs and desires. If for any reason she cannot fulfill them, or a compromise cannot be reached, then she lets people know. She delivers on her commitments and promises. Her promise is exceptional service. Kathleen is all about quality not quantity.

Probate Specialization

  • Kathleen worked in real estate for over 10 years before she decided to specialize in probate. She decided to specialize in probate after her sister passed away in April 2014. Her sister was 63 years young. Her death was sudden and unexpected.
  • Kathleen managed her mother's care for over 9 years. Making the decision to transition her 96 year old mother to hospice care was the hardest thing she had ever done in her life.
  • While Kathleen may not know exactly what you are dealing with, she knows what she has felt losing family members and dear friends. Her compassionate heart and probate expertise creates a winning combination for her clients.


If you do not find the information you are looking for in our blog, Glossary of probate terms, or in our Probate FAQ then give us a call at 408-972-1822.